Initium a lupinotuum: The Beginning of a Werewolf. [Book One]

Initium a lupinotuum: The Beginning of a Werewolf. [Book One]

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[Previously known as You Can't Keep an Alpha From his Mate] 

Avangeline thought she was your average human. What she didn't know is she wasn't. Reluctantly walking into a new world, she finds there are many questions left unanswered. Her father kept her away for as long as he could, but now Ava is on her own to seek out the truth. Keep in mind, the truth isn't always pretty and life isn't always fair.


This is my first story, I love reading werewolf genres and love reading about romance too. I don't want my story to come out cliché, but you know, that's hard! I'm thankful to those who are reading and continue to read my story, and if you think it's a good story, please share and vote. PLEASE: Vote, share, and comment-If you comment I'll reply and have conversation because, Jesus, I am lonely. Oh, so lonely. Haha. If you follow me on Wattpad, I also follow back! Thank you for your time! :)

imtherealestgirl19 imtherealestgirl19 Aug 26, 2016
Wait how'd he know her name? she was going to say it but then stopped aaah foreshadowing!! 😄😄😄
SheWasMoonLike SheWasMoonLike Jan 21, 2016
Thank you so much :) I just really like commas, haha. @werewolfgirl35
werewolfgirl35 werewolfgirl35 Jan 21, 2016
Excellent so far, just a few commas that could be taken out but otherwise well written. Can't wait to read more.