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SR Silcox By SelenaSilcox Completed

Summertime in Chesterfield means two very different things for teenagers Tess Copeland and Maddie Lambert.

For Tess, spending time with family and anticipating the annual Crush Festival goes hand-in-hand with the country air and the sweet smell of a cane fire. For Maddie, Chesterfield offers an escape from the demands of a reality that she's just unable to run from.

This summer, however, there is one lit fire that's even harder to contain than the massive bonfires that characterise the town's summer spectacle, as young love and awakened passions smoulder in the shadows.

Amidst the turmoil of growing up and the pressures of youth and fame, can these two young women navigate the precipices of adulthood unscathed? Will Maddie and Tess be able to overcome the secrets of a small town and save the beloved festival before it's too late?

LittleMissNumpty LittleMissNumpty 7 days ago
Okay too many characters. I'll just keep reading. Hopefully I won't be as confused
Ecstatic97 Ecstatic97 Mar 28
I'm not following this, but I'm trying to figure it out, I'm okay 😭😂
Melanie409 Melanie409 Apr 13
Like teacherxstudent girlxgirl stories. Check this one out!
nellyy03 nellyy03 6 days ago
Snow? In London? I think you're confusing it with Canadian London
Wanderluszt Wanderluszt Mar 01
It never snows in England and when it does it doesn't even set 😂😂
asap_aphmau asap_aphmau Feb 14
OMG YOU ARE THE GREATEST BEST STORY EVER 1000000000000000000000000000/10 ;) thank you for making this!