Game On {1}

Game On {1}

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Belle By lovelylittleturtles Completed

It had always been the four of them; Evan, David, Tyler, and Jonathan. Then a certain green eyed girl suddenly comes into the picture. Through high school, video games, and laser tag tournaments, these four teenagers are enjoying senior year. Though what happens more than one boy grows feelings for Evanee...

{1st book of Game On Series}

This is a very early series, so please forgive any mistakes in grammar, spelling, and overall plot

Written in 2015

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hayley_nicole hayley_nicole Sep 02, 2017
I was about to restart reading this like an hour ago but I got distracted
BoredomGuah BoredomGuah May 30, 2017
Dude just walk that like an hour at most. I've walked farther in a day just for the hell of it there is no way that you couldn't walk home.
xXCrazy_ChickXx xXCrazy_ChickXx Jun 06, 2017
I marched 6 mile long parades, I would be able to walk home. #bandlife
BananaBusAF BananaBusAF Sep 03, 2017
This book will always have a special place in my heart :') 💙
ProfessorX-Man16 ProfessorX-Man16 Jun 28, 2017
I love that name, at first I didn't read the paragraph properly and I thought it was like a typo thing for Evan's name, but then when I re-read it, I felt so stupid, that's such an awesome name btw
xXCrazy_ChickXx xXCrazy_ChickXx Jun 06, 2017
                              OOOOOHHH OHHHH LIVING ON A PRAYER