~♥~A Summer at 12 Grimmauld Place.

~♥~A Summer at 12 Grimmauld Place.

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The library in 12 Grimmauld Place held a few more volumes on the dark arts than Hermione thought to be particularly necessary. She was not one to complain, though, and decided to make the best of what was at her disposal.

She couldn't sleep. She hadn't been able to sleep since she had come to spend the summer with Harry and Ron in the Order headquarters.

Hermione had been suffering from mild insomnia since the end of their seventh year just two weeks earlier. Voldemort's latest attempt on Harry's life had nearly cost them the war. They had been lucky, extraordinarily lucky, when at the last minute their fortunes changed. Harry and everyone else who had been caught in the nightmarish situation had managed to escape unscathed.

Hermione was not sure they would be so lucky the next time.

She supposed it was the ...

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ChemicalBaby ChemicalBaby Jun 26, 2018
That definitely sounds like me. 
                              Bring me the rain, 
                              bring me the thunder,
                              Leave the lightning,
                              And I would be a-ok
I-Ship-Stuff I-Ship-Stuff Dec 27, 2017
This is so good, and there aren't any spelling mistakes, as there often are in books like this!
Sierra_Diamonds Sierra_Diamonds Jul 09, 2016
People who slurp, people who make noise while eating and people who generally make noises of tapping, talking, etc. what can be more annoying?
The-Dark-Mistress The-Dark-Mistress Jun 08, 2016
FAB. U. LOUS! That is my simple request. All thing FABULOUS bigger and better and best!!!
SilverAconite SilverAconite Nov 23, 2016
"Handle" now how could that possibly be taken the wrong way? I wonder... Ehehehehehe
StarStuddedRiverGirl StarStuddedRiverGirl Aug 05, 2015
This is AMAZING! I never thought I'd find a book on WattPad that had absolutely no spelling/ grammar mistakes, and is also just really well written, but I you proved me wrong