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Prurient (Liam Payne AU)

Prurient (Liam Payne AU)

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CNI By A_Long_Way_Down Completed

Prurient; proo-r-ee-uh-nt
Having a restless desire or longing; lust
"It's alright, pumpkin, Daddy won't let anyone hurt you."

lightningharry lightningharry Apr 11, 2016
eh im in the mood of reading some Liam fanfics so I'll read the other one later
sociopathetic_ sociopathetic_ Dec 12, 2016
my parents literally always flirt when im around sometimes its cute and thenthe rest please no
sociopathetic_ sociopathetic_ Dec 12, 2016
aria is whack if i was even within breathing vicinity as liam i'd take any opportunity to jump his bones
OneMixofParisSummer OneMixofParisSummer Nov 08, 2016
"Goodbye teachers. Goodbye class. High school you can kiss-" 
                              "OKAY! Thank you Zack."
                              Best episode😂😂
sociopathetic_ sociopathetic_ Dec 12, 2016
sacrifice aria to the gods to help you overcome your sins huh payno?