Suicide[ON HOLD]

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Trev' By trevgoesrawrwriter Updated 9 months ago
After Zoe recovers from her near-death experience nearly a year ago she finds herself falling for Cody, a guy that took the chance to notice her. As they grow close will she reveal the dark secrets' she deals with alone or will she forever keep them hidden to herself?
I feel ya!! I LOVE THIS NOVEL!!! It really is good and I know what's it's like to be an outsider in someway so relating to the character is easy for me. It was awesome!!!
@Bloodredangel i spent all day reading it, now im just waiting for updates.
just so ya know, this is really well written and I like where it's going so if I don't comment very much, you KNOW I'm loving it. ^-^ I shall try to comment tho... and vote... :)))) 
0.o might just spend all day reading this ^_^ love it honey!
this is great, a little confusing with the past and present combined together but over all really interesting, and im going to keep reading(: x.
i absolutely loved it.....i did not want it to end....NEXT CHAPTER HERE I COME