Passion ❀ Kellic RP

Passion ❀ Kellic RP

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⚘Audrey☾ By gingerbabes Updated Jan 26

Kellin is a model who just got hired to model for Jack Barakat's clothing line; Jagk. 
Vic is one of Jack's bestfriends, he's also a photographer, one of the best, that works for Jagk as well. 

Vic is assigned to work with Kellin for his first shoot and they hit it off instantly. There's an immediate connection, but do either of them even notice? And will they do anything about it?

{Warnings × The format that this is written in is a little weird. A LOT of smut, "bad" language, and some sad and maybe triggering topics will be brought up.}

×collab w/ @SettRyann ×

My mind literally went straight to Melanie and when i opened these comments i new i found my people.
I've always wondered what it'd be like to live in one of those like stereotypical "tumblr, hip, sunny" states
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I would slap him if he wrote or touched my wrist 
                              people know not to
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I would have been like
                              *head tilt* "bitch what you you mean one of"
                              No I wouldn't have if I'm being honest3
my mom just said "who am I?" I really loud and I'm just here reading fanfiction like "same".