Mr. Sir.  //H.S

Mr. Sir. //H.S

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He slams me up against the hard wall before leaning into my ear. 

"Sweetheart, no body tells the teacher what to do. Whilst in school hours, you will do what I tell you to, not the complete opposite. Understand?" 

I nod whilst shaking slightly. 

"Good girl. Now bend over that desk before I make you". 

H.S fanfiction. Will include sexual scenes, daddy kink, and language etc.
This book is completely fictional, and is in no way related to the real people. 

Enjoy!  ©

I'm not hating on any religion or any beliefs anyone might have, heck u can think the Cookie Monster made our planet but I'm glad I'm an atheist
They gasped cause you pronounced it wrong, it's " Hesus Strist" originated form Harry Styles
-"Who's Milly? You were Amelia."
                              -"Yeah? Now I'm Milly."
                              -"Amelia Pond. That was a great name."
                              -"Bit fairy tale."
                              Sorry I'm fandom trash
I'd leave the school at that exact moment cause I can't not swear like I'm sorry but it's just a part of me I can't control
maryanneidemetor maryanneidemetor Sep 26, 2015
I honestly don't care how confident you are. That's borderline rude.
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No it's good it not bad just keep it up I like it for starters u need to trust ur self it actually pretty good don't give up pls update soon pls ❤️