Can't Hide Forever? (Postponed For Writing Issues...)

Can't Hide Forever? (Postponed For Writing Issues...)

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Kittalie Androiz (penname) By CoolcatszSdark Completed

Vel is happy that the war is over, and all she wants to do. Is to relax with her Mate. But how can she, if he doesn't even want to touch her? And to top it off she is beginning to become sad, because of his different behavior towards her. But there is this new Hottie in town named Hautre, does he have a thing for Vel? Or will she have a thing for him? Stuck in another love traingle again. Vel becomes hurt and confused. The one love she wants is Erix's. But will he give it to her, or disappiont her some more? Is his love too much to ask for?

But that is not the only trouble she has.

It is the Hunters....they are after her. But will they catch her?

You'll find out in the sequel 'Can't Hide Forever?