♦ The Rules of a Gentleman ♦

♦ The Rules of a Gentleman ♦

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abelle By abelle Updated Oct 31, 2011

Oliver Teal was labeled as "The Perfect Man."

Oliver was raised by his Mother to treat a girl right and never make them cry. He was the boy who you would bring home to introduce to your parents. He earned The Big Bucks, and was the definition of attractive. 

However, just as there was perfection, there was always a flaw. In Oliver’s case, he was terrified of any sort of commitments and would bail out of the relationship when The L-Word was said. Oliver was known single his whole life and hadn’t passed The Three Month Mark in any of his relationships.

He offered advice to his colleague and friends, and everyone who needed. So, when one of his best friends, Alexander Cross, a well-known player, had fallen head over heels for Renée Stone, a girl who despised him in every way possible, he would need to help his friend to win his so-called "Love of His Life."

*****The chapters with the diamonds (♦) are edited and somewhat revised!