Substitute Bride

Substitute Bride

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Philip Treyane needed a wife. He was the last of his line so he decided that it was time that he married so that he could produce an heir. He also had an infant daughter that needed a mother and three sisters he had custody of. A family friend offered Philip the hand of his second eldest daughter. As long as she could run a household and be kind to the four girls in his life, why did he need to be in love? He had no use for it.

At twenty-four and unmarried, Jane Wilson was considered to be firmly on the shelf. She has quite content to live in her parents' home surrounded by family instead of raising one of her own. At least that was what she told herself. She believed in love but never thought it would happen to her.

When Jane's sister reveals that she is in love with someone who isn't her betrothed, Jane is surprised. Being someone who would do anything for her family, Jane finds herself agreeing to take her sister's place at the altar without anyone knowing. She knows it would cause a scandal but who is she to deny her sister happiness when she would never have her own?

bageur bageur May 08
I am sure that she is as pretty as Caroline just maybe her lack of confidence made her feel that way
Weirdly_Unique_99 Weirdly_Unique_99 Mar 15, 2017
OK, that was a rude thing to say!!! How can you say that to tour own sister? I mean she's being a bitch. We got it you love someone else but saying that to your sister. 
                              God! That's rude.
24 n called a spinster... I plan to get married in 26 (I'm 19)...I'll be called a grandma 😂
bageur bageur May 08
This Caroline should not say that her sister's life is miserable!! I would really love to have a sister like Jane !
amandanickk789 amandanickk789 Jun 26, 2016
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rose01234 rose01234 Dec 15, 2016
I don't like her already. Why is she so selfish and make her sister take her place when she know that her sister will suffer for father anger and Mr. Treyena