Romance to Bromance; A PewdieCry FanFiction

Romance to Bromance; A PewdieCry FanFiction

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Shadum By ShadumNikita Completed

Pewdie and Marzia don't seem to be getting along, and it isn't long until the worst happens, reducing Pewdie to tears. Cry knows exactly what's going on and doesn't mind getting up close and personal as he finds himself comforting Pewdie in ways he never imagined. 

As time goes on, Cry and Pewdie find themselves growing close to each other, and both don't seem to mind the other's affection that grows as they spend time together. As Pewdie's romantic relationship with Marzia expires, will he find himself falling into another kind of love, one that he can't bring himself to admit? Will all his bad feelings disappear, and will he find someone new? 

Or... Will something of another fate occur, tossing him back into the pit of dispair, so deep he won't be able to climb back out? 

(P.S. I have nothing against Marzia. I think her and Pewds are an amazing couple! Sorry if how she is represented offends people!)

Mitathia Mitathia Jul 05, 2017
All the other Pewdiecr fanfics looked so dull. Then I found this and I have the feeling lots of fangirl flailing and screeches will be produced!
Catkiol Catkiol Apr 18, 2017
I remember reading this a few years ago, I can't wait to re read it now!!
NightcoreFairy NightcoreFairy Apr 18, 2017
Everybody is saying this is good and they have reread it so many times. IM SO EXCITED NOW!!!
ncrdboi ncrdboi Oct 06, 2017
Rereading this after three years and I'm still a hoe for pewdiecry. This is a classic for the fandom.
TheLastCheeseCake TheLastCheeseCake Apr 24, 2017
Oh thank god I've read so many pewdiecrys i was running out if stories to read
Laughinglikenidiot Laughinglikenidiot May 14, 2017
You know all of you will be mad at me but... marzia's a bitch here