Until the End~. Hitachiins x Reader.

Until the End~. Hitachiins x Reader.

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Blue_bunf By Blue_bunf Updated Jan 14, 2017

Kaoru and Hikaru x reader! 

You just transferred to another school. Things get way to complicated for you, Unfortunately you don't have your old friends to help you out through your situations but two boys seems to stand out.
You started to grow in these two. 
But who will you choose?~

(I apologize for bad grammar, please bear with it! ^-^/ )

Choose your man.~

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Armin_Krista Armin_Krista Jul 09, 2017
Mind lives in gutter.I think the mist innocent word u can come up with is dirty.Even the word the.
trash4564 trash4564 Dec 07, 2017
Gotta where dat bannana dress si the two stupid monkey's can be my freands😂
FreelanceEditor99 FreelanceEditor99 Jun 13, 2017
HA! HA HA!! and also HA!!! I never go outside. . . Or have money.
_That_One_Trans_Boi_ _That_One_Trans_Boi_ Dec 17, 2017
Is it bad that I knew what it meant without looking at the translation?
Twisted__Midnight Twisted__Midnight Nov 29, 2017
Nope!!!!!! If I had a choice I would choose black jeans and a white sweater
mollymawkfan mollymawkfan Jul 25, 2017
I change the color to the same color as the boys uniform with a black ribbon