Until the End~. Hitachiins x Reader.

Until the End~. Hitachiins x Reader.

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Blue_bunf By Blue_bunf Updated 4 days ago

Kaoru and Hikaru x reader! 

You just transferred to another school. Things get way to complicated for you, Unfortunately you don't have your old friends to help you out through your situations but two boys seems to stand out.
You started to grow in these two. 
But who will you choose?~

(I apologize for bad grammar, please bear with it! ^-^/ )

Choose your man.~

Neko_Neko_Me Neko_Neko_Me Jul 15, 2016
Flautist here I have also played euphonium tuba trumpet and clarinet ( well attempted to at least
Blitz-chan Blitz-chan Jul 02, 2016
Lol I don't go outside the only place I know well is my room
OtakuCatGirl OtakuCatGirl Sep 19, 2016
Hate. Dresses. 
                              It would also clash with my hair color (blond),  not a good thing
Rose_The_Wolf_1 Rose_The_Wolf_1 Dec 31, 2016
Earl grey or English breakfast tea. Peppermint too, it helps with seasickness and carsickness
DiamondSparkle42 DiamondSparkle42 Aug 07, 2016
I would change it. I would make the skirt knee-length or mid-thigh. I would make the sleeves short sleeved. And I would make the top lower cut and put that stupid looking bow in my hair. And if they have a problem with it, so what?!
-voidtaylorr -voidtaylorr Oct 11, 2016
Lol, that unoriginality that people don't like dresses oml.
                              I actually don't care what I wear as long as it isn't unbearable