Homestuck Boyfriend Scenarios

Homestuck Boyfriend Scenarios

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Fusionfire123 By Fusionfire123 Updated Nov 14, 2015

A/N: I do not own homestuck even though I wish I did. Also there will be cursing. Other than that, Enjoy!!!!


You were so excited. It was rom com week at your favorite movie theater and you had to go. You love these types of movies with your whole heart. You grabbed your popcorn and got in the line. Some asshole pushed ahead of you knocking you down. Before you could yell and curse someone did it for you. "Hey fuck ass nice way to treat a lady ass sniffer." He said angrily. He turned straight at you. "Sorry. I'll buy you another popcorn. Some people can be so fucking rude....I'm Karkat." He said. "Y/n." You said. You knew things would blossom from there and smiled.


You were bored in the hospital. You needed new arms after having them needed to be amputated after a freak accident. You were waiting and saw a boy sitting in a wheel chair with no legs. "Hey." You say waving your small nub for an arm. He sm...

Wat if we were only wearing a bra and shorts wouldn't he say" L00d"?
- - Jun 27, 2016
Yaaaaaaas you have the kids and Eridan! The last one I read they didn't have those ones so thanks!
cokekichi_ cokekichi_ Jul 21, 2015
cool story, i like the tav, kar, sol and john scenarios!
                              pls do a dirk one
hetalianinthescouts hetalianinthescouts Jul 07, 2015
HAHAHAHA "gym" yeaaah that's a no for me, I even skipped gym in school
spiritmew101 spiritmew101 Jun 24, 2015
                              Totally agree with you there. You basically can never really find good homestuck boyfriend scenarios because it's always the creepypasta crap.
GalexyKitty GalexyKitty May 15, 2015
@Fusionfire123 oh its fine. i also roleplay cronus just his female version. Just saying before a actual biatch comes along and is a total biatch to ya.