Tadashi x Reader

Tadashi x Reader

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MilenaPerez By Milena_Perez Completed


What if Tadashi didn't run into the building? What if Callaghan actually died? What if Tadashi blamed Hiro for the fire?

You and Tadashi are best friends and you try to help make Tadashi forgive Hiro. While you are doing this, you and Tadashi both discover that you have feelings for one another.

ILoveMyPotatoSelf ILoveMyPotatoSelf Sep 04, 2017
Blue, Dark Blonde, Blue, Emerald Green, Alexius (Lexi), Barnes and Skylar
Nytech Nytech Jan 03
                              Black with green highlights
                              Teal green
                              I don’t have siblings but ill go with my guy best friend name Stephon
Cupcakes1209 Cupcakes1209 Oct 04, 2017
E/C: Hazel
                              H/C: Very dark Brown
                              F/C: Royal Blue
                              F/C2: Silver
                              Y/N: Ashika
                              L/N: Tsang
                              B/N: Jay
Elsarose2003 Elsarose2003 Apr 15, 2017
E/C: brown
                              H/C: brown with blue highlights
                              F/C: black
                              F/C2: red
                              Y/N: Allie
                              L/N: Dragneel
                              B/N: Natsu
zzDOLLFACEzz zzDOLLFACEzz Jun 30, 2017
E/C green blue
                              H/c red
                              F/c white
                              F/c2 green
                              Y/n karma
                              L/n Sanchez
                              B/n sorry but hes dead
- - Sep 10, 2016
Brown eyes, Long brown thick hair, Pink is fav color, Purple is second fav color, Rosalina first name, Greenfield last name, Jude lil bro name.