The Undertaker's Daughter (Black butler fanfic)

The Undertaker's Daughter (Black butler fanfic)

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I don't own black butler or  any of the charachters except Samantha


The door to the undertakers shop swung open I looked up from the book I was reading to see a young boy and a butler dressed in black. "Can I help you?" I asked The young boy said "Where is the undertaker?". The undertaker jumped out from a coffin and greeted the young boy I believe that the boy was young earl Phantomhive. "Do you have a new assistent?" The butler said , The undertaker walked over to me and put his arms around me "No Sebastian this is my Daughter Samantha" I took my dad's arms off me and stood up "Hello Sebastian, Lord Phantomhive. Now please excuse me I have to be on my way." I said before grabbing my coat and wrapped my arms around my father. I waved as I went out the door I walked down the road "Sammi" a voice squealed I turned around "Grell" I half screamed and ran towards him."Hey Sammie, Where have you been?" He aske...

fire_rebel fire_rebel Jul 31, 2016
First of all it's awesome! Second of all I love the anime Dance with the Devil!!!
AlfredsBurgerQueen AlfredsBurgerQueen Jul 18, 2016
kbylee__writer kbylee__writer May 11, 2016
When i was reading this I thought the way ERZA danced with people at the ball!!! XD 
                              (Fairy tail)
deathby-anime deathby-anime Jan 09, 2016
Grell can be my best friend. My friends all call me crazy because I like him.
Chip_o_holic Chip_o_holic Sep 21, 2015
THATS MY NAME!!!!!! 0°0 used my name....HOW DARE YOU!!!!
ze_anime_fan ze_anime_fan Mar 01, 2015
I like the story, it's just that is jumbled up into a giant paragraph. It's a little overwhelming to read, but just because I said this, don't make a paragraph like a single sentence.