Teachers Pet ✧ Malum

Teachers Pet ✧ Malum

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Where Calum's daughter is a teachers pet, but she isn't the only one.

【 Has a lot of grammar mistakes and kind of weird lmao and I'm too lazy to fix it. 】

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pathethiicc pathethiicc Jan 15
boob bag, why does a child have a boob bag; wHAT EVEN IS A BOOB BAG 😂
indignations indignations Aug 08, 2017
My annoying ass just whipped my neck around too fast, hurt it and started singing long live the reckless and the brave
SharpieModz SharpieModz Jan 08
Snot is physically nauseating to me. I gag. But i work in a childcare and one of my toddlers looks just like a baby Mikey. When he snots, i smile and wipe his face. O.o it's so weird.
I'm a student and have never seen a boob bag! I've seen flesh lights and dildos but never a boob bag, boob bag, hm that's a new one
itsjusthood itsjusthood 5 days ago
Wtf is even a boob bag 😂 and does 5 year old actually need that ?
jessicaisok jessicaisok Sep 13, 2017
@Depressed_Dorito-_- I know you aren't in the 5sos fandom but READ THIS