Creepypasta Survival Guide

Creepypasta Survival Guide

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ֆaoirՖe By CreepyPasta_Addic Updated Oct 09, 2015

Ever wonder why there're shadows lurking in the trees behind you; ever get a feeling you're being watched? Do strange things happening to you that you don't understand? If so, then you're probably being stalked by a Creepypasta.

 Yes, yes, it's no big deal if you don't mind being killed and what not. But if you have a survival guide on Creepypasta then you're okay, and look!  Fortunately for you there's one right here! 

In this you can read up on the various pastas, know their background information and the weaknesses to defeat them.  From the ominous Slender man to The Puppeteer. I know them all.
So what are you waiting for?

Read this book and plot your survival against them! 

(Image used for the cover isn't mine and never will be!)

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Karura_Shinjio Karura_Shinjio Jun 29, 2017
I briefly saw a guy with brown hair walking under/in front of my window but when I looked back they were gone.
_SugaCoating _SugaCoating Sep 12, 2017
NAH, JUST SOME.... dude with a black jacket and a blue face, nothing special. he's a stalker and idc. he's normal.
                              Every time I go outside next to my woods , I swear to GOD, I hear foot steps in the woods following me, my cuz and me has been stalked by Eyeless Jack and Ticci  Toby (a.k.a. Toby is my favorite) and they WON'T go away!
DemonicHeritage DemonicHeritage Mar 01, 2017
so just saying if your Grinny and you stalk someone who read this book is that bad
-charlie_charlie- -charlie_charlie- Sep 29, 2016
Nope :)
                              ....I'm alone :(
                              The only one who hasn't been stalked :(
                              I'm sad D:
Creppy_Pansexual Creppy_Pansexual Sep 03, 2016
I might be cause I get the feeling of being watch and a huge head ack and I feel sick to my stomach. Who is watching me idk but I will soon.