Caramel Kisses

Caramel Kisses

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Kristen Stanley ♡ By kristenkookies13 Updated Dec 24, 2017

Richmond High School Senior, Joseph Keller was prepared for his last year of school. He felt on top of the world, being Mr.Popular, having girls chase after him.

 That's all switched up when on the first day of school he meets Kristen. 

 Kristen is a introverted girl who happens to be extremely beautiful. Her looks draw Joey in, and he stays for the personality. 

 She wasn't like the other girls, her caramel colored curly hair was an obvious reason. Her sweet and forgiving personality was another. 

 She wasn't one that enjoyed being glorified, so when the hottest boy in the school gets the hots for her, she isn't prepared. She isn't prepared for the mean girls, creepy guys, and violent drama. 

 Can she handle this new life of living out in the daylight, having friends, and having her first boyfriend?

 Can Joey deal with all of the guys after his exotic beauty? The things he has to go through to keep her safe? 

 {Warning: the first chapters are extremely cringe worthy}

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Joy_Writer18 Joy_Writer18 Feb 15, 2016
He is very sweet to that girl. I wish someone in this real world could do that. Boys some days just don't understand stuff like that.
BeyondOurWorlds BeyondOurWorlds Sep 06, 2016
Good boy. Even if you weren't Cristian you should still save yourself
- - Jan 13, 2016
I be zoomin through halls too. people be askin me why I be speed walkin or in a hurry. But that's just my natural speed. slow ain't for me.
- - Jan 13, 2016
Ew NO. We're I'm from, if your caught wearing that brand, be prepared to be shunned
- - Jan 13, 2016
*throws head back and groans* I HATE when teachers do this. Like, UGH, no, I don't want to, if they don't know me just by the memorization of my name, then they don't know me.
- - Jan 13, 2016
*Thinks to myself* Momma always said if you ain't got nothing nice to say then don't day it at all *nods to myself* .....