An Adventure Worth Having {Revising and Expanding}

An Adventure Worth Having {Revising and Expanding}

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You enter this strange world. Everything is foreign, but yet there's a familiarity to everything. It's... Ooo! You discover a world you only ever watched through a screen and meet the people you've always wanted to.

Featured in the "Most Popular Fanfiction" category March 2016 and in the top 80 Adventure Time fanfictions.

*Currently being expanded and revised with the same core storyline. Chapters have been taken down for reconstruction and will be up again soon.*

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Ok, so about this. I like it, but u need to explain how you got sucked in and what it felt like.
bean-bab bean-bab Jul 11, 2017
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Shalivious Shalivious Nov 24, 2016
If you consider having ALL of the (E/C) (S/C) (H/C) Etc. Brown...