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The Power in my Veins

The Power in my Veins

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megk_03 By megk_03 Updated 4 days ago

Highest Ranking: #1 in Vampire
  "You're not setting a foot out of here." He declared.
  "Watch me." I protested.
  He looked at me skeptically.
  "Don't test me." He warned.
  I stepped out the room and stood directly in his face. The angry look on his face was already enough to tell me that I was going to be punished for my actions. 
  "I always keep my promises, darling."
  I screamed.
  Eighteen years.
  Eighteen years is a long time.
  Adeline hasn't been outside her cottage walls for the eighteen years she has been alive. She has been sheltered from the dangers of the world and kept safe from the harms that threaten her life.
  The day her eighteenth birthday arrived, she finally set a foot outside her dainty little cottage. 
  The moment she stepped out, her life was in danger, and a game has begun. 
  Her violent birthday ball changes her life, and she discovers that her mate is the cold, ruthless vampire king. 
  Everyone just seems to cause her pain. She can't escape from the pain. Not even when she is with her own mate.
  Cover Credits: me

Well damn... but hate to break it to you I'm more evil cause I'm going to make them watch while i cut it off and make them eat there own dick 😂
brgmRx brgmRx Mar 23
urggghh I feel sorry for her, it makes my head ache thinking of how long 8 years is
                              great first chapter!
forgol forgol Feb 01
Man I want a dad. Mother why couldn't you TRY to not get that drunk. She wasn't even mad tho.
KLBryant KLBryant Nov 20, 2016
So first, she was like Rapunzel and now she's Alice. Sweet😜
_MissHana_ _MissHana_ Sep 12, 2016
Stupid af. We all know you don't follow rabbits/bunnies. Cause that's why Alice fell into that stupid hole in order to satisfy her curiosity. Have she not seen a bunny before? Stupid Alice. 
                              I apologize for the rant. I just had to 😂😂
ZaynIsAGod ZaynIsAGod Sep 12, 2016
Why are these wattpad characters so curious? Keep ya ass in the car