Ever So Softly

Ever So Softly

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mollygirl123 By mollygirl123 Updated Nov 13, 2016

She's 17. 
He's 18. 
She's Innocent. 
He's not. 
She belongs to a nice pack. 
He's the most cruelest pack in the world. 
They're both different. 
But have one thing in common...their mates. 

Olivia Marie Adams is a normal girl. Dirty blonde hair, striking blue eyes, fair, beautiful skin. She worked hard to get from chubby to curvy for years. Her sweet tooth was only part of her problem. Another one...she's a Werewolf. Olivia is also a guardian, and she still hasn't found her mate at 17 years of age.  

Alpha Colton A. Walker is a party boy. His sandy brown hair, ocean blue eyes, and perfect body makes every girl long for him. But, he doesn't date. His Beta, Tyler, is his best friend. Colton's dangerous, cruel, has no mercy, and is drop dead gorgeous. 
When a vampire race terrorizes the Werewolf world, they have to fight back. Add personal problems and its a huge mess. It's a dog eat dog world. After all, it all starts with a choice.

Are you prepared to fight for
your world?

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Bishwhet01 Bishwhet01 Feb 01, 2016
But...really, wouldn't it's still make you not that good of a fighter if your pack is nearly the weakest? Like, being high up in fighting skills still wouldn't mean anything if the best fighters in your pack are still considered nearly the weakest by every other pack...
Candicepbnm Candicepbnm Feb 15, 2016
She might be a good fighter but she's in the second weakest pack being a good fighter in that pack counts for nothing
mollygirl123 mollygirl123 Feb 03, 2016
She's still a good fighter, just because she's in a weak pack doesn't mean she isn't a good warrior. She could be stronger than the Alpha for all we know
Devil_Spxwn Devil_Spxwn Mar 07, 2017
Honey, just make sure the ones spreading the rumours r not lying bitches!