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The Potter Twins: Heroes of Two Different Worlds

The Potter Twins: Heroes of Two Different Worlds

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Butterlover328 By butterlover328 Updated Sep 03, 2016

This is a story I also have on Quotev under the same name and username, and I was going to post it on here at some point so I decided on a whim to do it now instead of later. 

Summary: What would happen if Percy Jackson and Harry Potter were twins?? What would happen if on the night Voldemort attacked the Potters and became a wraith, Dumbledore separated the twins, giving Harry to the Dursleys while shipping Percy off to a supposed squib by the name of Sally Jackson?? What would happen if they met up at Hogwarts, knowing that the other existed and had already formed a deep bond?? Well, let's just say that Dumbledore isn't getting the brash, ignorant Boy-Who-Lived Harry was in canon, because now, Percy comes in and does what he does best; he messes with Fate, kicks butt, and pulls off death-defying moves to protect his friends and family!!

GabriellaThomasjames GabriellaThomasjames Dec 31, 2016
Dang it now he can't close the goddamn door! 
                              Panic! At The Disco? Anyone get it? No? Okay I'll just close the door on this reference
StyxHuntress StyxHuntress Dec 17, 2016
You make it sound like he's a snobbish bastard (excuse my language)
They should have used the puppy/baby seal  dog eyes instead
                              Waaaay more effective
hunterofhera hunterofhera Dec 18, 2016
i think demiwizard are more powerful cause of there godly parent
It's okay Sally, I've made the mistake of hooking up with nonhuman-like males as well
Svea_Writes Svea_Writes 5 days ago
Wouldn't it have been easier just to throw them out of the window or something? Like, come on Voldemort, they're children and easily breakable :/