Possessive Love  ~Completed~ (Draft)

Possessive Love ~Completed~ (Draft)

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Musicholic By Musicholic Completed

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Dear Lizzy, 

You shouldn't leave your window open when you're asleep. Something might happen, like you might get a cold or something. It was a pleasure seeing you undress though, it truly was. 

~Your Stalker 

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Edited by GabbyWinters26
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Written by Musicholic

curlyfounded curlyfounded 6 days ago
Why tf would she leave her window open, then changed in front of it like no one going to see her 😐😑 but that besides the part that's creepy to a whole level
leyla3095 leyla3095 Aug 09
USE YOUR BRAIN NOBODY DOES A JOKE LIKE THIS... IF THEY DID SEE YOU NAKED THEY WOULD BE LIKE 'gurl, you need to buy some curtains I almost got blind when I looked at your window'
leyla3095 leyla3095 Aug 09
'Who would want to stalk me?' Ummm... your stalker... maybe you know... a man
curlyfounded curlyfounded 6 days ago
Wtf, if this girl gonna think like this throughout the whole book I'm not gonna make it to the end
Derbyanime Derbyanime Aug 04
You should really get some curtains for your window Lizzy....
Macey_Mouse Macey_Mouse a day ago
When your life is so boring that not even a stalker would want to stalk you #mylife