Possessive Love #Wattys2016 ~Completed~ (Editing)

Possessive Love #Wattys2016 ~Completed~ (Editing)

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Musicholic By Musicholic Completed

Dear Lizzy, 

You shouldn't leave your window open when you're asleep. Something might happen, like you might get a cold or something. It was a pleasure seeing you undress though, it truly was. 

~Your Stalker 

(Cover by Amystery8)

Possessive Love 

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*In the Process of Editing. So, If something does't fit correctly or doesn't make sense, I am editing it to where it can "Perfect." NO RUDE/OFFENSIVE COMMENTS!**

pixiedusting pixiedusting 4 days ago
WHOA.... Okay, what a wonderful way to begin a story. *Looks around* is it just me or did it suddenly get colder in here
ashleymgross ashleymgross Apr 20, 2016
Finish the book please... I read it in like 3 hours an now it left me hanging
PsychoticKate PsychoticKate Nov 19, 2016
Why do they always feel that they're being watched in every horror/i-have-a-stalker story. xD
jaquline123 jaquline123 6 days ago
Okay first of all if I had a stalker I would literally call the police or tell my parents or an adult OR maybe idk move to mars? Second speaking of parents where are they? My parents would have smacked me for leaving the house without their permission
Lil1235440 Lil1235440 Dec 25, 2016
Sounds fun to read! I can't wait! Could someone go check out my book Fly Away? here is the link:https://www.wattpad.com/story/82163933-fly-away
xx_courtneylea_xx xx_courtneylea_xx 7 days ago
Boy if a stalker left that if write I drew you a map so that if I ever see u and tell you to go to hell you'll know exactly where to go 
                              Sincerely well I'm sure you'd know who since you stalk me bye 
                              Then I'd move to Switzerland