Possessive Love #Wattys2016 ~Completed~ (Editing)

Possessive Love #Wattys2016 ~Completed~ (Editing)

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Musicholic By Musicholic Completed

Dear Lizzy, 

You shouldn't leave your window open when you're asleep. Something might happen, like you might get a cold or something. It was a pleasure seeing you undress though, it truly was. 

~Your Stalker 

(Cover by Amystery8)

Possessive Love 

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Finish the book please... I read it in like 3 hours an now it left me hanging
falconluver falconluver Aug 16
Lol he even goes at the toilet window just to see you. Try her house go on
CloudAP CloudAP Nov 19
Why do they always feel that they're being watched in every horror/i-have-a-stalker story. xD
HybridRen HybridRen Nov 04
Humans geez why most I be apart of this dim witted society of horror films
Damn the min I saw it was a pleasure seeing u undress ThAT GOT ME SO BAD 😍😜😝 *nosebleed*
HybridRen HybridRen Nov 04
....uh I think it's time to change our locks
                              And close your window