From Death to Captain

From Death to Captain

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Woolley119 By Woolley119 Updated Dec 02, 2016

When Naruto dies at the valley of the end with his final fight with Sauske. He ascends to the Soul Society. 

Once there Naruto faces a captain. From then on, Naruto is thrust into a role of a captain.  

Can Naruto grow as a Captain? Can he care for, and direct his squad? When a fellow captain goes against the Seiretei it's up to Naruto to fight against him. 

But, what happens when his previous home is targeted. Can Naruto save them in time?

  • adventure
  • bleach
  • blood
  • captains
  • crossover
  • drama
  • gotei
  • gotei-13
  • naruto
  • rated-t
InsanitysContagious InsanitysContagious Jan 27, 2016
Well he completed the mission at least now he'll be on the KIA stone like he wanted at one point
Minten_Bren Minten_Bren Jul 21, 2016
I think it was a bit OOC for Naruto to threaten someone right off the bat like that. I think he would have instead tried to calm the man down and find out why the stranger thought he was the culprit. I dunno, just a thought. Good story though
Woolley119 Woolley119 Jul 21, 2016
Thanks I know it might sound OOC this is my first Natuto Fanfiction so their is bound to be some mistakes:) but thank you for reading I really appreciate it.  @AnimeGirl_64
RheAnn_Mitchell RheAnn_Mitchell Sep 25, 2016
Typical Naruto... Always ramen. Which I don't blame him ramen is freaking GOOD!!!!
Creation-Destruction Creation-Destruction Feb 16, 2016
And of course duck-butt probably only gets a low punishment for killing Naruto
- - Nov 06, 2015
Narutos way to survive in another world:
                              1.Keep calm.
                              2. Finding out where he is.
                              3. RAMMMEEEEENNNNN!