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Fairly Local (A twenty | one | pilots FanFic)

Fairly Local (A twenty | one | pilots FanFic)

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rick roll me a blunt By nowayhosea Completed

Tyler Joseph is a troubled boy; he has been bullied all of his life. He was diagnosed with chronic depression at a young age, and after attempting suicide for the second time, his parents decided to move.

Joshua Dun is the outcast; dying his hair a different color every month doesn't really gain him any popularity points.

What will happen when these two meet?

(This is NOT a Joshler FanFic)

(This starts off with Tyler and Josh as Seniors in high school)

When you squint your eyes and your eyelashes make it look a little not right..
I saunter down to breakfast thinking all is right with the world when I get this
                              (Idek if those are the wright words)
                              You aren't fat
                              In fact....
                              You are a bean
                              it's reign down. common lyrical mistake.
                              BUT THE REFERENCE THOUGH
He couldn't be anymore wrong, though. 
                              That means you are strong. You're strong enough to not carry out with self-harm. But, of course, mental illness says otherwise...
                              (I've read this already, and i'm not sure if I want to continue..)
Futuristic_Pinwheel_ Futuristic_Pinwheel_ Sep 21, 2016
He SAUNTERED, did he? Ah, that's better. As long as he wasn't walking, trotting, skipping, running or shuffling, everything is alright 😉