Aftertaste | S. Mendes

Aftertaste | S. Mendes

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"You know what? Let's do something fun" she smiled at him not knowing what the whole night had plan for them that would change their perspective towards each other. 

Nova Brooks is an average sixteen year old working in a cafe with a normal life that is until Shawn Mendes came walking through the front doors of Dreamer's Cafe.

What can an all nighter out adventuring the city do for both teens? That involves an aftertaste in the end. 

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   [Disclaimer: My fifteen year old self wrote this so expect very little errors here and there when reading along with a bit of cliches, Enjoy the story though!]

yoyoitsyuyu yoyoitsyuyu May 11
I love how everybody's saying it's expensive like in my place, it's much higher
Really random but is Shawn last name Mendes because this is a Shawn Mendes fanfic
Am j the only one who is confused with her nova matt shawn and sam
first she insults Eve and now she says that shawn is just okay? hunny, are you okay? do you have a fever? were you dropped on your head as a baby?
I SHIP IT!! If this girl can make Shawn nervous just talkin to her then that means something