Ephemeral || Glenn Rhee [1] [The Walking Dead Fanfiction]

Ephemeral || Glenn Rhee [1] [The Walking Dead Fanfiction]

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lasting a very short time.
 synonyms: transient, transitory, fleeting, passing, momentary, brief, impermanent, short-term

Delilah Carver has travelled around the US ever since Hell was brought to Earth. Not only was she running away from the undead, she was running away from those who were still living and desired to do harm. Somewhere along those lines, she manages to find a small safe haven. It's a community, filled with danger and tests that will not only test her, but the people around her.


latte-to-go latte-to-go Dec 25, 2016
Come on, Delilah. You didn't really think that Carol wasn't going to tell anyone 😂
Budderqueen2004 Budderqueen2004 Dec 29, 2016
Recent episode. Who else cried? Like literally I was that sad nobody could be near me or touch me
silent-specter silent-specter 5 days ago
                              YOU HAVE MY EYES, YOU HAVE YOUR MOTHER'S NAME
id keep my phone out of habit probably and to look at pictures too (plus i have some music n saved a bunch of movies so 😜😜😜)
jailborn jailborn Dec 28, 2016
i can feel the foreshadowing radiating off of this sentence...
latte-to-go latte-to-go Dec 25, 2016
y'all are saying Harry Potter reference, but where? She's just saying her eyes look like Daryl's. That can be from anywhere 😂👌🏽