The Mystics Of Valenthia

The Mystics Of Valenthia

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"So who the heck am I?" I stared defiantly at Freya. "I am a normal person. I go to high school. I have parents. What am I ?" I asked. 

"That is what we need to find out. Do you trust us enough to stay with us? Help us? You are powerful. You are the only Palenthian, first time in centuries who has magic inside her. Powerful magic. More powerful than most Valen. I can feel it. Stay with us and help us slay monsters. Please."

I gulped. "What will I get for that?"


Renna Evans was just another normal girl in another normal world, living with her normal (and filthy rich) parents and going to a normal high school. Basically her life was as normal as could be. Until she went on a normal walk on a hill side. Little did Renna know that from that point, her life would be anything but normal.

Welcome to the world of Renna Evans; a world which is divided into two parts. Those who call themselves The Valenthians, possessing power and magic; and those without it are the Palenthians. What is Renna, really? Will she be able to do what is called upon her? Will she be able to place the pieces of the puzzle which will give her the perfect (or heart-shattering) picture of her past? Will she be able to prove her worth in this new world? Or will her world collapse? And what about the handsome but mysterious Ryan Carter? What exactly is he hiding? Renna will discover a world of peace and war, love and hatred, trust and betrayal; all in her single quest for one thing. FREEDOM.

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This reminds me of the winx series that was on tv and its the first episode where bloom meets the blonde girl, forgot her name. So did u get inspiration from there or what, cuz story line is waaay to similar to the cartoon series.
Wallettyy Wallettyy Jul 16
Every time I see the word bowl my brain automatically follows up wit "of cereal" so I had to re-read the sentence
i feel like this scene is really familiar XD however some details are different.
quantum_random quantum_random Apr 26, 2015
very nice :-). gobbled up the first two chapters without stopping!!