one person can change everything

one person can change everything

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Lonan has worked hard for everything he has! Big promotion, Big house, flashy Audi R8 car a beautiful fiancée and a body men would kill for. 
Things changed & instead of helping himself he try's to fix others problems! 

Becoming ever so close to his Pa that has done so much for him he can't thank her enough! 

Times turn bad to worse for Lonan and he would never have thought one person could change everything untill it happened to him! 

someone from his childhood days into his life on the same day one door closed in his life. Forgetting himself in his work life he forgot the feeling of falling in love with someone and when he realises it happening he runs away with mixed feelings. Yet She needed his help & he makes sure she goes back regardless knowing what he knows and feeling her touch, her lips, her warmth. Her love.

Can one person change everything for Lonan?