Wolves Of The Stars

Wolves Of The Stars

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   Before you read this, I want to say That I have been having bad luck with people liking my writing, so, I wanted to say that I am trying and I will also try to write better. And please comment because I want to know if my stuff is good or not or if I improved.

Thank you, and in some parts sorry for the big spaces it wouldnt let me do smaller ones there.                       

My brother lay there his shallow breathing getting slower, and his shining green eyes grew paler.  Why! I thought, why was everything getting taken away from me?  I lifted my head high to howl at the moon. "Why?!" I howled as I heared a whimper escape me, I gazed back towoards the trees. There is nothing more out there for me, but the pain and lonlieness I will feel...nothing. I thought bitterly.

                I looked down on my brother, his breaths were almost still, as he stared at me and spoke his last words. "I love you star... And I always will." He rasped before I could hear no more but my own breat...

It's awesome keep it up I love it your doing great I love reading these stories
I'm making a book called Wolves Of The Stars too xD  But I had it on a google drive before I even made it anyway
Ltcaine1 Ltcaine1 Aug 18
Why did River Die and where did His sister come from! 😄 😄
Cuddlefur Cuddlefur Sep 17, 2015
Will you have a look at my page? I think you will enjoy my book; The White Wolf Of Mercy Forest...I'm liking this book, it's great!!
alphawolfster alphawolfster Apr 07, 2015
you need to updte this you gave me a dead end I cant wait for the next part I cant stand cliff hangers plz plz update