My Perfect Summer (Cody Simpson Love Story) [CoMpLeTeD]

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Alexcys By DreamSingBlonde Completed
Ali is just a normal girl. She has a dream that has become very common in this world with teens everywhere. But, will her life be different? What happens when she falls head over heels for a teen popstar, and she doesn't even know it's him? Well you'll just have to find out ;)
WHOA I seriously can't believe I found this story again this was the first story I have ever read on wattpad and ever since I have been obsessed with fan fictions! :)
Is it weird that when I was reading Ali's personality, I ended up thinking: this describes me perfectly.?
I have no clue how I stumbled upon this but I love it! Haha don't be surprised if I comment on every chapter I've been known to do that;) lol
This is a really good book , If it was published i would buy it !
                                    It would also make a wonderful movie It would be my favorite.
                                    Best Book Ever :)
Im starting to read it :)) wow, you have a lot of reads.  And, thank you for reading mine. really.
you do know that cody simpson's sister is named alli, right? lol well good story anyway hahaha