Pride (MxM)

Pride (MxM)

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Miss Murray :) By Murray22 Updated Dec 16, 2016

Ash is a hard ass rogue. He doesn't take crap from anyone. You cross him, he kills you. Simple as that.  As scary as he is, he makes sure not to cross marked lands. It's not that he can't beat an Alpha, it's  just he doesn't want the responsibilities. Being kicked out of a pack for your sexual preferences kind of makes you distrustful of others. That's why when he is found injured in another packs land, everyone around him becomes a threat. Even the Alpha. His mate.

    Damien has a playful nature. He loves joking around and playing pranks on his fellow pack mates. And with him being Alpha, there's not much they can do about it. However, all that joking is lost when it comes to rogues. They haven't done anything to him personally but the stories he's heard of them being feral made him distrustful of them.  That is why when an injured rogue is caught on his land, he wants to kill him immediately. But what man kills his mate?

    Will Ash learn to trust again and know what love feels like? Will Damien lose his take on rogues and see them in a new light? Or will both these men let their pride take over?

  • alpha
  • bxb
  • family
  • father
  • gay
  • love
  • loyalty
  • mates
  • pack
  • pride
  • rogue
  • strength
  • struggle
  • trust
  • warrior
  • werewolf
kyleeoff kyleeoff Jan 21, 2017
Him and his wolf are funny I like that his wolf comes across as a bit of a sarcastic joker😂😭. I also like how strong and tough he comes across as. It's sad about his dad I hope they get to meet again.
cagedsong cagedsong Mar 23, 2016
This whole part was completley irrelevant if you weren't even going to go into detail. It just sad he was chased and then it goes to present day.
kyleeoff kyleeoff Jan 21, 2017
I love the fact that both these gay man are strong and that the alpha the stronger man actually has the softer more open personality it's is very interesting 🤗😍👍🏻
wildcat5000 wildcat5000 Apr 22, 2016
For some reason I thought of him as kinda crazy. He thinks of the past then something else.
forrest_wyntek forrest_wyntek Jun 13, 2015
One of the most interesting, unique stories I've heard of in a while. Definitely going to read!
Murray22 Murray22 Apr 27, 2015
I'm glad you like it. Update will be within the next few days.