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Singing Away Your Pain: Renesmee Twin Story

Singing Away Your Pain: Renesmee Twin Story

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Dana Monique By Dana_Monique_2468 Completed

My name is Melody-Lyric Mason Elizabeth Cullen. Yep you heard right. My last name is Cullen. Never heard of me? No? Well I didn't expect you to. Ms. Myers must left me out of the story.

 Well anyway, I'm the unknown and forgotten twin of Renesmee and the daughter of Edward and Bella. But they don't care about me. They've never even held me when I was a baby. No I'm really not kidding. Renesmee was always the favorite, and they were always obvious about it. They aren't mean to me or abuse me at all, they are just very neglectful. 

The only one who truly does care is Jasper. He has been more like a parent to me than anyone. He even gave was the one to name me. Yeah, Edward and Bella were to caught up in Renesmee to name their other daughter. I mean who does that? 

And if you're wondering, No. Alice does not come anywhere into this equation. Not in anyway shape or form, do I consider her my second mom.

All my life I have been surrounded by couples, all lovey and dovey while I've been alone all my life. but I've gotten used to it anyway and honestly its really depressing, so I'm not gonna get into that and just let you all get into the story.

One more thing: Did I ever mention that I don't talk? Like ever? No? Well now you know.

loonylovlie loonylovlie Apr 14
It would be Batman because technically he's not a superhero. He's the dark night. Fights crime but doesn't abide by rules himself. I would say a villain because I'm in love with DC villains but you said superhero.
Rosette1206 Rosette1206 Jul 19, 2016
Mine is technically not a superhero but I still love her it's Harley Quinn or harleen quinzel if you may
Jehna3 Jehna3 Aug 27, 2016
Raven is the best superhero. She's powerful, has loads of depth and is sarcastic
Rosette1206 Rosette1206 Jul 19, 2016
I love the superhero voice part because it shows geakiness nerdiness weirdness and awesomeness if you can't tell I'm a weird person and I love that part most of all you are an awesome writer and that's all I gotta say
Rosette1206 Rosette1206 Jul 19, 2016
If I had to pick up superhero it would be Catwoman because she's neither she's a Superhero and she's a villain she's neutral like Switzerland and me because I have my good days and my bad days but still Harley Quinn or harleen quinzel is my favorite
no_its_becky no_its_becky Jan 23, 2016
Thor, because he was boastful and wasn't a good ruler at first but then he learned from his mistakes and became worthy of his hammer.