She's The One (AppleDash Fanfic)

She's The One (AppleDash Fanfic)

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Francheska By applejackrainbowdash Updated Apr 29, 2016

What happens when an unexpected feeling just started sparking between you and your best friend? 

Applejack and Rainbow Dash have been best friends for so long. They go to the same school, do almost everything together, share each other's secrets and they have each other's back. They never expected that they would fall for each other. What happens when your best friend becomes your girlfriend? Is she really the one? Will the two of them work out?

Join Applejack, Rainbow Dash and the rest of their friends: Twilight Sparkle, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, and Fluttershy in a journey full of laughter, drama, and... of course LOVE. 

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applejackthepreety applejackthepreety Sep 02, 2017
In all of the appledash books this is the best in the whole wide galaxy
Rainbowdash107 Rainbowdash107 Sep 25, 2017
Aj's accent always gets me... I just love how soothing her words are..😘 @applejack1710
KawaiiBitchLillie KawaiiBitchLillie Oct 27, 2016
It's okay. But when a person is talking and the other replies, it starts a new paragraph. For example: "Hey, Granny Smith!" said Applejack. 
                              "Mornin' Applejack!" answered Granny Smith.
apsz011 apsz011 Sep 18, 2016
Its a beautiful day outside, birds are singing, flowers are blooming, on days like these kids like you......should be burning in hell
                              You get 10 cookies if you know what im talking about
Foxallena85 Foxallena85 Jan 02, 2016
i just started to watch MLP a while ago, but after this I'm definitely gonna watch it more.
jkbzxjKfVzuslhd jkbzxjKfVzuslhd Sep 11, 2015
Omg it's soo good!! I know shall ship AppleDash FOREVER!! ;D All because of this story!!