Fate Often Mistook [A V-Hope Fanfic]

Fate Often Mistook [A V-Hope Fanfic]

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JM By asdfghjm15 Updated May 11

“It’s so sad when people mock you as a gay when you are actually not.”

“It’s sadder when you are gay but people ship you hard with a girl, including the person you like!”

  //  A V-Hope Fanfic! //

You might have found/read this fic in asianfanfics, but trust me, it's the same person posting!

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h o w   c o u l d   y o u   l e a d   t a e h y u n g   o n   l i k e   t h a t
cooky-ahh cooky-ahh Sep 07
i don't like this "yoonjin" girl. 
                              (my phone autocorrected yoonjin to yoonmin omg)
sooooooooo you want people to think you're straight but then you do this?
                              i mean im not complaining but you're really not helping your case here..
KookeiDough KookeiDough Nov 17
Hoseok is really a gay gay for a Yoon Yoon on a VHope fanfic. I'll leave.
Asmramos Asmramos Jan 27
Its weird i have a classmate shes korean her korean name is jihye😂