Fate Often Mistook [A V-Hope Fanfic]

Fate Often Mistook [A V-Hope Fanfic]

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JM By asdfghjm15 Updated Nov 12

“It’s so sad when people mock you as a gay when you are actually not.”

“It’s sadder when you are gay but people ship you hard with a girl, including the person you like!”

  //  A V-Hope Fanfic! //

You might have found/read this fic in asianfanfics, but trust me, it's the same person posting!

Omg too many settings in one chap my brain cant take it (well it actually can but lets pretend that im a pabo sloth)
I have no idea why but 'canteen' reminded me of Star Wars 😂
How can he still 'love' this bitch when she treats him like this tho
Thats adorable. Im listening to Quite Playing by Ukiss and bruh its perfect for the situation 😂