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Lilia Blanc By UsagiQaidaProduction Completed

Stigmata. Hunting dog.

These days, the words mean the same thing. People born with the Stigma, and the inexplicable powers that come with it, are given a choice: serve, or be thrown in a cell.

Shyc has decided being leashed to a caretaker would be better than being locked under the city for the rest of his life. When he meets Detective Mathis, he learns it might be a little more difficult than he planned.

Especially when Mathis's spotless record and ruthless reputation makes him a prime target for every crook, every rising criminal who wants to add his death to their list of accomplishments, and they're getting better at it each time they fail.

Is this a fanfiction or a re-imagining of The Legend of the Legendary Heroes?
@DRAMAtical_  They both ma baes :3 i'm definitely going to make more videos for them.
I read this on everyone of ur books (I have them all lol) and this makes me laugh each time
Ajmintz Ajmintz Oct 17
Reminds me of the legend of the legendary heroes.
                              The heart break is coming back.
DRAMAtical_ DRAMAtical_ Jun 24, 2015
welp. if I was a stigmata I'd be spotted xD I don't go outside without a jacket. ever.