Michael Jackson my teacher!!!   (A Michael Jackson fan fiction)

Michael Jackson my teacher!!! (A Michael Jackson fan fiction)

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Emily channel By emmilychannel Updated Jan 09

My teacher was fired because of something he did 
But they replaced him with someone else 
Find out who..!!

Story takes place in bad era ;*

- - May 14, 2016
I know him more! He's my big brother. R.I.P. I lov e my brother! He also hates Asian food, and cotton candy!
XxFnafCraftMjjxX XxFnafCraftMjjxX Oct 24, 2016
I don't knowwwww I only know the square root of 16 its 4 for 16😭
JaredLetoAndMJfan108 JaredLetoAndMJfan108 Dec 13, 2016
Well *cough cough* um thats a lie because everyone likes his music ALEX so you need to the The heck up
Ok I'll tell you some about him.
                              He's Michael Joseph Jackson
                              Birthday is on August 29,1958
                              Hey really cute and can't wink but that's even cuter.
                              He'll probably make the song The Way you make me feel about yhu
darkpoet_10n1 darkpoet_10n1 Oct 29, 2016
It means that You're  delusional and you need to be admitted into an insane asylum, quick.
This my second time reading this book and I get ticked every time I see this.......Alex go to 👇