Michael Jackson my teacher!!!   (A Michael Jackson fan fiction)

Michael Jackson my teacher!!! (A Michael Jackson fan fiction)

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Emily channel By emmilychannel Updated Sep 22

My teacher was fired because of something he did 
But they replaced him with someone else 
Find out who..!!

Story takes place in bad era ;*

- - May 14
I know him more! He's my big brother. R.I.P. I lov e my brother! He also hates Asian food, and cotton candy!
I don't knowwwww I only know the square root of 16 its 4 for 16😭
It means that You're  delusional and you need to be admitted into an insane asylum, quick.
siihaaam_x siihaaam_x Nov 03
Hahahaha is it april fools in that class cuz i'm laughing my but off (sarcasm for the people who don't get it)
If Michael Jackson winked at me, I would'nt walk off, I'd yell!!
trulydxmpled trulydxmpled 3 days ago
Hey Mike ! How you doin? My name is Charlie... Last name Wilson .. I was wondering if you would marry me? Move me in yo house.. I'll be your stalker... Give me your number. Not a smart move😂💀 made myself laugh