It All Started When I Met This Three Boys

It All Started When I Met This Three Boys

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Aya's POV

Hi everyone, you want to join in my horrible life,not really horrible but I'm just saying that. My name is Aya and I'm 17 years old, don't ask my surname I just don't want to know by everyone. Were here in Orlando Florida, just moving out to my old hometown. I really love this place and also the seasons. More memories here I will never forget. I'm just the only one who is moving out, my mom left in Philippines . When I was in my house, don't even think that my house is big, just small house for me with second floor.OK back to the topic I was unpacking my things, put here, put there,and put everywhere. Finish in 2 hours. woaahh, it so tired to unpacking things right.! I lay down my body into the bed to get sleep. 

It's 2:00 pm. I need to buy something in the market because I don't take my lunch. I drove going to the market buy something. So I got noodles, some junk foods and fruits also vegetables, everything I need, I got it. Need to pay on the cashier. Then going home....

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CoryVolosevich CoryVolosevich May 19, 2018
I swear I'm not trying to be rude or anything, but you put 'skateboard thingy' is kinda annoying. I mean, I don't know any types of moves skateboarding wise, but the least you could is look up some moves.
skittelsngummys skittelsngummys Sep 24, 2018
Its sooooooo wwwweeeeeiiiiiirrrrrdddddd why my f-ing name its so ugly and I hate it. Ugh