Saved by my Lucky Charm (Jacksepticeye Fanfic)

Saved by my Lucky Charm (Jacksepticeye Fanfic)

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Space and Dan By CompromisedMortality Updated Apr 20, 2016

Her parents died years ago. Her aunt and uncle kidnapped her, and brought her to the USA. Even though she's 23 years old, they won't let her go. She's abused, verbally and physically. And she needs an escape. 

He's a YouTuber going to PAX. He thinks she's an ordinary girl. Until she gives him that tiny piece of paper. 

Little did they know, that little piece of paper would change their lives.

But for the better or worse?

To save, or to leave? To fix, or to abandon? 

To love, or to hate?

GAH WHY DO I KEEP WRITING THIS STUFF?!?!?! I HAVE NO LIFE I SWEAR. Anyway, this is a Jacksepticeye Fanfiction. Yeah yeah, another YouTube fanfic. I LOVE YOUTUBE OKAY?!?!?! Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy!!!

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harrypotterfan722 harrypotterfan722 May 09, 2017
God damn it I'm mostly German and a bit Scottish but I was raised in America
koalagirl1229 koalagirl1229 Mar 15, 2017
I'm like 4'8 He would have to get on his knees to hugs me! Also, love the name! Cute! Also, I couldn't live a day without taking a shower!
koalagirl1229 koalagirl1229 Mar 15, 2017
I'm Native American!!! And I want to Irish, like full blooded! Also, I'm going to move to Ireland when I grow older! I'm 12, I have 1....2.....6 years! Great! I have a lonely life......
SmurfDahyun SmurfDahyun Mar 23, 2017
I'm half Surinam (Look it up😄) And half Dutch 🇳🇱🇸🇷
TheMagesticKing TheMagesticKing Nov 18, 2016
5 feet. Hugging him be like:
                              Me: *head near his chest*
                              Jack: *wraps arms around my shoulders* Your stay in with me.
                              Me: YAY
ThatRandomGay110 ThatRandomGay110 Nov 21, 2016
......what u haven't taken a shower in a month I mean I don't like showering sometimes when I'm lazy but in a mounts a take a shower about 29 out of the 31 days in most months but really bro really.....