Truth or Dare (Creepypasta X Reader) Part 2

Truth or Dare (Creepypasta X Reader) Part 2

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Ruin: Hello there (Y/N), long time no see. We are here to play another round of truth or dare! I promise you this time nothing bad will happen to you! :)


 Ruin: Okay...........i see your happy.......uhm.......Ben......truth or dare?

Ben: Dare!

Ruin: I dare you to slap (Y/N)'s ass

(Y/N): Wait.....what? NO!!!!!

Ben: *Swiftly slaps (Y/N)'s ass harshly making her squeal"

(Y/N): I wasn't ready!!!

Jeff: Hah! She wasn't ready!


Jeff: Make me!

(Y/N): *Pushes him off the couch suddenly. He was caught off guard so he flipped over the arm of the couch landing on his knife in his back pocket. It stabbed him in the back. As he got up, he glared at (Y/N) menacingly. The knife stuck out from his jacket*

Jeff: Bitch!

(Y/N): I know i'm beautiful!

*Jeff takes his knife and tosses it at (Y/N), it missed her by an inch*

Jeff: Peace....

Ruin: *sighs* okay next.....

    Do you hear that sound Jeff?
                                  It's the sound of me painfully torturing your bleached ass
    Omg 😥 my friends keep doing this because i have a big butt and i then stab them with thumb tacks and hit them with metal hangers
    I'm your mother and you cannot talk to me like that.
                                  Jeff: No you aren't and yes I can!
                                  I'm your mother now...
    Lolwhatsup14 Lolwhatsup14 Oct 03, 2016
    Hopefully because while I was in hell I was cursing y'all and calling you a bïtch but now I am good😊😈
    ludwig09 ludwig09 Jul 27, 2016
    Bitches are dogs
                                  Dogs go bark
                                  Barks on a tree
                                  Trees are nature
                                  Nature is beautiful
                                  THANK YOU FOR THE COMPLIMENT
    the_majestic_1 the_majestic_1 Mar 31, 2016
    i want to be immortal in this!!!!!!! 
                                  * lightning comes out of my hands as i laugh dramatically*