Salt and Pepper

Salt and Pepper

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maha By scentences Updated May 22, 2016

To Harry, Aurora Corman hadn't changed one bit since high school. She was still a little loud, a tad bit too bold, bouncing from class to class charged from caffeine and walking in any and every room like she owned the place.

To Aurora, Harry Styles had changed drastically since high school. From time to time, he would be seen groping drunk, sleazy girls, not much of a surprise. The dimpled boy was a social butterfly who lived to mingle, but come post secondary, he was on a strict path to impress rather than defy his stern father.

Enrolled in a major which he detests, grades dropping low and Aurora moving in to the apartment right next door, what could possibly go wrong?
...That would be everything.

A story about nicknames, coverups, self building and failed attempts at playing cupid.

© scentences

parisparis25 parisparis25 May 28, 2016
Oh no. There was a kid in my school named Bryce and just...ugh. I'll get through it
Colapps Colapps Mar 20, 2016
We have a problem of vocabulary, here, Rory x) Bloody ha ha xD
emo-emu emo-emu Feb 16, 2016
Cue Harry
                              BIN-GO. BINGOOOOO. WE'VE GOT A BINGO OVER HERE
                              B7! B7! B7 YOU SUNK MY BATTLESHIP
styles_isdabae_Ble styles_isdabae_Ble Jun 30, 2015
Omg lol I started reading this on the day teen wold season 5 premieres
wildflover wildflover Apr 30, 2015
Oh, if only i knew niall irl. We would talk about football all the time
knottsberrycharm knottsberrycharm Apr 29, 2015
I'm curious how she's changed from when he used to tease her when they were young