Second Chance Mate

Second Chance Mate

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My name is Anna Lee Peterson and I am a grand high witch. One of the strongest in the world. I am five feet five and I am on the thin side. My forest green eyes are bright and beautiful. My hair is so dang long and black. That is the trade mark for witches. We have red or black hair in this coven.

Yeah we have a coven that has thousands of witches in it. Right now I know of were wolfs, vampires and witches. I also know about mates and second chance mates. I am a second chance mate to the meanest werewolf ever. Drake Michael Blackwell. He has a long time girl friend that he dated after his mate Sarah was killed by rogues years ago. He is the cruelest alpha in the whole wolf pack communities. Their are thousands world wide.

I was out shopping for herbs for a healing spell. I am also known as a white witch which is a good witch by the way. I ran into a very tall and muscular man. He was extremely built but also scary. I could tell right away he was an alpha.

He smirked at me and steadi...

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interesting read so far  i do like the fire between them wonder how this will play out