Avoiding the End || Malfoy *on hold*

Avoiding the End || Malfoy *on hold*

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Just a Potato ツ By merakifreedom Updated Jul 24, 2017

Not my best kind of works. Please read my other Fanfictions instead: 

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"It was beautiful how broken they both were. Beaten down by their own families, and cursed on the streets by their rich blood. They had no choice, they had no chance, and they for damn sure had no reason to live."


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What other readers think of the story:

"I really like this! You did an awesome job of showing a different perspective of Draco without changing his character. Your writing is amazing - it's a good mix of descriptions of dialogue and makes me want to read more! Can't wait to read the next chapter :)" 
~ @kyliejab

"This story is amazing. I really love it so far and it's different to any other Draco fanfict I've read." 
~ @ItsMeChevy

"I love the different outlook on Slytherin and just this story in general is amazing!!" 
~ @ThatOneSlytherin

"This was...INCREDIBLE! :D
I love how you captured Draco in a new light, showing the unseen and untold feelings of him. ♥"
~ @1DizzleLand


All characters and settings belong to J.K Rowling except for additional (obvious) things.

This is strictly fanfiction.

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ThiccMhalfoy ThiccMhalfoy Jul 21, 2017
This trailer brought me so much life tbh with you 🖤🖤🖤😍😍
redtiger1312 redtiger1312 Oct 24, 2017
You are literally avoiding the end by having this story on hold
-BaeBee- -BaeBee- Aug 13, 2017
DirigiblePlums DirigiblePlums Jul 11, 2016
he reminds me of this character Matthew from the Raven Cycle
DirigiblePlums DirigiblePlums Jul 11, 2016
Ok this is great and all except not really bc how dare you hurt mY Harry Potter, my smol child, my son and my literal ray of sunshine
Rowena_andThePhoenix Rowena_andThePhoenix Jul 12, 2016
This is so good! Loving every bit of it :) So glad it's not another fanfic about Harrys twin.