Marked (Draco Malfoy) *On Hold*

Marked (Draco Malfoy) *On Hold*

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Just a Potato ツ By merakifreedom Updated Aug 29, 2016

"It was beautiful how broken they both were. Beaten down by their own families, and cursed on the streets by their rich blood. They had no choice, they had no chance, and they for damn sure had no reason to live."

Raised always on the run with her family, Caroline Beard never liked her parents. She hated how cowardly they were and how they always seemed to blame her for the littlest things. Being childhood friends with Draco Malfoy had their perks though.

Upon their 6th year, Draco Malfoy finds himself in a terrible situation. He has been assigned the task to assassinate his Headmaster Albus Dumbledore. Caroline wants to help him but finds it hard when she's being attacked mentally by an unknown force. 

Louis Beard (her fourteen year old brother) starts to show signs of interest in the Dark Lord and both Caroline and Draco have to keep a good eye on him. He starts starts acting strangely causing Caroline to be on high alert. 

Join Caroline Beard on an unforgettable journey through a war where abandonment, romance, revealed secrets, and blood is shed.


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"I really like this! You did an awesome job of showing a different perspective of Draco without changing his character. Your writing is amazing - it's a good mix of descriptions of dialogue and makes me want to read more! Can't wait to read the next chapter :)" 
~ @kyliejab

"This story is amazing. I really love it so far and it's different to any other Draco fanfict I've read." 
~ @ItsMeChevy

"I love the different outlook on Slytherin and just this story in general is amazing!!" 
~ @ThatOneSlytherin

"This was...INCREDIBLE! :D
I love how you captured Draco in a new light, showing the unseen and untold feelings of him. ♥"
~ @1DizzleLand


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exmrsstilinski exmrsstilinski Jul 13, 2016
that trailer is soooooo good I love it!! I can't wait to read 👏👏👏😩😩
groundbreaking- groundbreaking- Jun 19, 2016
This was...INCREDIBLE! :D
                              I love how you captured Draco in a new light, showing the unseen and untold feelings of him. ♥
PotterGirl134 PotterGirl134 Jun 25, 2016
Nice job :) I like the structure of this chapter and there's a lot of detail.
DirigiblePlums DirigiblePlums Jul 11, 2016
i want to know how caroline treated harry all those years bc obviously draco wasn't the kindest
danania danania May 25, 2016
OmG that was so A-MA-ZING !! I mean After one Minute i Cried, with real tears, that's like a Record (i'm very emotional though) and the Trailer is awesommmmmmmmmmmmmmme
Bananabrains13 Bananabrains13 Sep 04, 2015
This chapter was AWESOMAZING!!!!! I love the friendship bond between Caroline and Draco :):):)