my brothers best friend?!?!{stiles x reader }

my brothers best friend?!?!{stiles x reader }

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izzy By IzzyDoe Updated Apr 24

"DAD I'm so sick of your bullshit " I screamed as I packed up some of my things

"what are you talking about I'm the one who had to pick you up from that party"

"YOU WERE 3 DAYS LATE" I grabbed my shoes and my back pack that had my computer my charger my phone charger your headphones and some clothes I ran out to my car and dove away. I hoped that my mom and brother still lived in beacon hills. I drove there and wiped the tears from my eyes my phone rang again and again but I ignored it not wanting to deal with my jackass of a father. I drove to the address that I had memorized. it took me about 3.5 hours to get to the house.


finally I got to the house and knocked on the door and heard some voices

"Scott can you get the" I heard a female voice say probably your mom and I smiled as you heard the name you knew that your family still lived there

"do i have to?" I heard the male voice being Scott

"Fine" the woman said sighing. I stood there playing with the hehi m of my b...

Sorana42 Sorana42 May 01
Was there any pun intended "i wanted to protect her from any harm that WOLF come" if there is good one if there wasn't good mistake
angeline365 angeline365 Sep 10
This one substitute hates freshmen for some reason and he calls us fresh meat and keeps saying we won't survive highschool
Lol this cant happen to me coz im a big sis to my 2 bros unless my big sis turns in to scott lol
nutelllaaaa nutelllaaaa Feb 10
then how'd she drive alone, you gotta have someone over 18 with you in the car
Damn i the ppl i see loves school and im over here like i hate school.... ;-;
Bunniehare Bunniehare Jan 15
Lucky! When I moved I had to wait a bit until I started school