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Someone like me

Someone like me

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tsukishimagei By tsukishimagei Updated Jan 24

I read this and it had nothing to do with what the story turned out to be but its fun time or your money back.

BerryLuv03 BerryLuv03 Mar 26, 2016
Everyday for 2 semesters, math was my first subject in the morning. U have no idea what that feels like girl.
_v-a-l-e-r-i-e_02 _v-a-l-e-r-i-e_02 Feb 28, 2016
All I imagined was Alfred ranting about being a hero to Japan.....I would fear America for those reasons, who would like to hear Alfred rant about being a hero.....ready in pieces in pieces.
MikaMew MikaMew May 11, 2016
Lmao if it just had ki on the end of Miyu it would have been my name XD
astromantic astromantic Feb 17
aayyy i just pictured him like he was when karasuno played against shiratorizawa
CrystalClean007 CrystalClean007 Aug 26, 2015
Omg she's just trying to start convo. Chill. Calm your sensitive self ._.
WeirdAfOtakuFangirl WeirdAfOtakuFangirl Aug 12, 2015
Literally the best description I have ever heard of the U.S.