Deadly Wings [IN EDITING]

Deadly Wings [IN EDITING]

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Funnybear12 By funnybear12 Updated Aug 30, 2016

"Don't move." His husky voice spoke below a whisper, my shoulders pressed against his muscular chest. I relaxed, feeling the small flutter of his wings as I reached out to stroke the long tempting feathers. His wings extended, slowly wrapping themselves around my body. 

"What are you doing?" I'd drop my arms to my side, with sudden realization. 

He chuckled lowly, leaning forward to place his face close to mine. His lips were dangerously close. "Protecting you." 

It is said that God's most precious and trusted creatures are the angels. They are guided by Him, and they obey His orders. They keep the mortals safe. There is eventually one accomplishment they seek to achieve for the human race. Purity. 

It is said that some turned away from Him, following Lucifer down to Earth and Hell, where they were banned from Heaven. The Fallen. Their wings black as night; their hearts even darker. 

It is said their dark possessed hearts can never be cured. Their strive for rebellion, death, torture, and power can never be taken away from them. 

Was I the only one to prove them wrong?

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Queent2fly Queent2fly Nov 18
Me:"Mom....WHAT ARE THOSES?!?!!?" 
                              Mom:"Honey! Not right now!!!"
MarreeD MarreeD Jun 21
I really love your writing style and how you describe everything so beautifully! Keep writing, you're great at it. 😉
ridedickbicycle ridedickbicycle Apr 15, 2016
yaas baby I can already tell she's gonna be a strong heroine
boohoo2001 boohoo2001 Apr 15, 2016
good so far lets see if you can keep it it up and really drag me into the story.
JaneeCrow JaneeCrow Apr 15, 2016
Why did they not take cover in some nearby store, instead of running  in broad daylight to be picked off so easily?
nukedt nukedt May 25, 2016
                              Gurl. U can joke around without even knowing it