I Can't Change [Baekyeol]

I Can't Change [Baekyeol]

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Denying Chanyeol the thing he wants most is hard. Baekhyun's seen it in the way he looks at him -- in the dorm, on stage, even in front of the cameras that follow the twelve boys like a shadow. He knows what Chanyeol wants (as most best friends do) and he knows just how to give it to him. In fact, for anyone else it might seem like the simplest thing on earth. But Baekhyun, being notorious for over-complicating things as he is, refuses to give in to his friend's desire.

Denying Chanyeol the thing he wants most is hard.

But denying himself the same thing, is even harder.

sadtae sadtae May 30
i srsly get deep at the AM, i start to question my existence
sourprincess sourprincess Feb 22, 2016
this makes me sad y is everyone leaving chen is literally the only chinese member left we gotta hold onto the precious bby w our lives
deemples deemples Aug 22, 2015
this is one of the best written fics I've ever read and it all sounds so tremendously real that it might as well pass as their actual couple development story. Can't wait to finish this to be honest and great work, author-nim!