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My Brother's Enemy (Draco Malfoy x Reader)

My Brother's Enemy (Draco Malfoy x Reader)

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Ai Phantom (アイファントム) By AiP1103 Completed

Harry and (Y/N) Potter. 
Both of them are currently living with the Dursley's and being treated as an outsider and a slave. 
On the night of their birthday, (Y/N) wishes something extraordinary will happen in the future until she heard strange sounds coming from the door and meets Hagrid. 
(Y/N) gets lost in Diagon Alley and bumps into the one and only, Draco Malfoy. 
Admire at first sight, hate at second sight and at the third sight? 

(A/N: This is my first fan-fiction and I know I would do it horribly, so please help me in the future~ Thank you~!)

Oh shite it's the fat fuks b-day, I know what to expect, '36! LAST YEAR I HAD 37 PRESENTS! I DON'T CARE IF THEIR BIGGER IM A SPOILED BRAT AND DESERVE 38! NOT 37! NOT 36! 38! THEN NEXT YEAR GET ME 39 PRESENTS! NOW GET ME WHAT I WANT!!!!!'
alanchap04 alanchap04 19 hours ago
Pffft puh-lease. Like I'd ever wear a dress for something that isn't formal.
Why does he have to do everything for me? I may be like Draco and all but.... it's kinda adorable I guess..
MCRandPATDfangirl MCRandPATDfangirl May 24, 2016
Ya sooo special by the time he is thirth he will still be fat and a spoiled brat...that is if his parents are a live
Jazellia Jazellia Jul 27, 2016
Yes, excuse me Harry, but when did you become the most adorable brother ever?
alesnow246 alesnow246 Nov 13, 2015
Yeah, depression is awfully. I've been stuck since elementary